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After Huayi Wind Energy was formally founded in 2002, company sticks to the road combining independent research and development with introduction of technology. It has established strategically cooperative relations with Aerodyn(Germany), MECAL(Germany)and GH(England). Every year Huayi Wind Energy continues high investment in new product and technology, and continuously enhances independent innovation ability, so as to strive to be the leader in wind power industry in China.

2003  Started to research wind resource many parts in China, and began  manufacturing of 600kW and 750kW turbines.

2004  Invested in building Dongtou wind farm (120 million RMB).

2005  Brought forward operational strategy of “Exchange Nature Resources for Market Share” firstly, and Wind Farm Development would be

           the breakthrough.

2006  780kW wind turbine was independently developed and batch rolled off the production run.

2007  780kW wind turbine exported to Chile, became the first Chinese enterprise exporting complete set of wind turbines.

2008   Introduced the technology of Aerodyn(German) and jointly developed 1.5MW wind turbine, and which have been successfully

            operated and combined to the grid.

2010  1.5MW wind turbine exported to Chile and Belarus.

2011  780kW wind turbine exported to Kazakhstan.
           2.5MW/3.0MW wind turbine were successfully developed and combined to the grid.

     Starting cooperation with MECAL, 6.0MW wind turbine was jointly developed.

2012  Obtaining the Low voltage ride-through certification report and the Electric energy quality certification report.

2013  2.0MW wind turbine was successfully developed, trial-produced, installed, debugged and combined to the grid.